Death Valley Sleepers was initially created in 2008 by the singer and guitarist Tobias Winberg when he began recording demos of 60’ies-inspired pop songs alone in his bedroom. Before that the Danish musician had left his childhood home on a small and idyllic island and moved to Copenhagen to work as a producer for a renowned hip hop label.

But in stark contrast to his earlier works, Death Valley Sleepers has very little to do with hip hop beats, gold chains or grillz. Instead Death Valley Sleepers is derived from the singer’s year old fascination with 60′ies pop songs. A sugar sweet and psychedelic pop nestled in subtle clouds of sligthe noisy reverbs that depicts an elusive world of youthful escapism, carefreeness, love, lust and repressed desires. The band name itself is taken from the hot and dusty Californian valley in which rock stars went to experiment with drugs.

Tobias draws from his own experiences when writing his songs: A frenzied and hedonistic life of 24 hour partying, alcohol, mind-expanding drugs, fleeting daydreams and women. A rock’n’roll existence where ‘tomorrow’ doesn’t exist and where the roaming around and the numbing carelessness of the American Beat-culture, is captured. But also a lyrical universe in which thoughts of self destruction are lurking underneath the otherwise so worryless surface.

Since those early nights in his bedroom, Tobias’ solo project has grown to include five other members, who by using istruments such as organs, tambourines and Indian sitars,  add distinct psychedelic outbursts to the otherwise naïve and simplistically catchy pop melodies of Death Valley Sleepers.

The song for the music video ‘Your Face In The Skies’ is a dreamy and flickering psych-ballad about deceit and longing and was created by the visual artist Madeleine Kate McGowan. In a hazy whirl of retro-inspired pictures as well as the members of the band (Tobias in the white shirt!) it captures the nostalgic and restless spirit of Death Valley Sleepers.